Twenty years Indrapura !

by 16 February 2018Indrapura in the press, Indrapura in the press

Indrapura restaurant opened its doors in 1992, reason enough after twenty years to celebrate in an appropriate way. We do this by offering an anniversary menu(*) donating €5 per person to the “Asmara Posanthen” orphanage in Bali.

(*)This menu is no longer valid.

A little history. The opening of the restaurant was preceded by a substantial renovation of the former already established Chinese / Indonesian restaurant Indrapoera which at the time was already thirty years old. This restaurant was already a household name on the Rembrandtplein, where then artists like comedian Max Tailleur and many other Dutch artists of that time created a furor. Many guests had there first encounter with the delicious authentic Asian this venue

Innovative dishes

The new Indrapura was set up as a society-club, remembering the illustrious Dutch Indies colonial years. Featuring beautiful wooden floors, large closets, ocher-colored walls and comfortable rattan chairs, adorned with exotic prints and lamps.

Optreden twintig jaar restaurant indrapura

Twenty years Indrapura

In addition, the service friendly and the kitchen – under the inspiring leadership of our lady Head Chef Paula Toorop – an oasis of flavors, mixed with contemporary quality products.This led to surprising innovative cuisine from Indonesia that formed our reputation .
As a crown to this we recently had the honor and pleasure to serve His Royal Highness Prince Willem Alexander of Orange and his invitees!

World Wines and spices

Also drinking wine with Indonesian dishes received attention. It was thought that beer would be the best companion, but that idea is already contradicted by our many loyal guests. Beer just gives a feeling of fullness. With a good wine /food combination the spicy dishes can even better come to justice.

Rijsttafel Indonesisch restaurant Indrapura

Rijsttafel Indonesisch restaurant Indrapura

By choosing the right new world wines we can increasingly enjoy the delicious combination of fragrant spices and wine from our somewhat spicy cuisine. A kitchen that makes our renowned ‘Rijsttafels’ (ricetables) famous. And as one of the few restaurants we still offer live popular jazz piano music.

Guests from around the world

Over the years Indrapura received massive reputation outside the Netherlands.This was possible by the Internet: we launched our in the early nineties – as one of the first restaurants –This allowed our foreign guests around the world to quickly become familiar with what our Indonesian cuisine had to offer.

Serre Indonesisch Restaurant Indrapura Amsterdam

Serre Indonesisch Restaurant Indrapura

The extensive media coverage in newspapers, magazines and travel guides, as well as renowned TV shows such as “The $ 40 a day show ‘underlines this. This attention led to a steady stream of enthusiastic guests. This – as well as our illustrious history of Dutch VOC spices – resulted in a huge flow of guests from around the world – both business and leisure. We can truly speak of Indrapura Restaurant;”… an Indonesian establishment of international stature…

Support to orphanage in Bali

Stichting Giri Asih Nederland

Stichting Giri Asih

As part of our care for minorities director/founder and restaurateur Peter ten Cate of Indrapura restaurant initiated a foundation for the Giri Asih. orphanage. This foundation supports including the Asmara Posanthen orphanage in Bali. and creates a solid financial basis for children who need our help and attention.

Through a special “anniversary Posanthen Rijsttafel’ menu offer we will donate € 5,00 p / p to this fund! (This menu is no longer valid).

We cordially invite you and your friends to join us in a tasty deed!

Welcome to Indrapura,
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