Pohsanthen rice table donation menu

by 16 February 2018General, General

  • Ayam Bali – fried chicken in a sauce ginger with lemongrass
  • Iga bakar – roasted  lamb chop with soya sauce
  • Asinan  – mango salad
  • Cumi Cumi – fried squid in spicy sauce sweet and sour
  • Sate ayam – skewered chicken peanut sauce
  • Sate manis – marinated beef skewered
  • Tempeh – caramelized soya beans
  • Serundeng – minced coconut
  • Rendang – stewed spicy traditional beef
  • Tumisan – stir fried seasoned vegetables
  • Kentang campur – patato wedges with glass noodle
  • Nasi putih – steam white rice
  • Nasi kuning – yellow saffron rice

Es merah kelapa – coconutshell with redbean icecream

Price menu 42.50

For every menu we donate € 5.,- to our Children Home in Posanthen Bali Island of Indonesia

Thank you for choosing this menu to support the Children in their future.

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