Indrapura supports orphanage in Bali

by 16 February 2018CSR, CSR

Indonesian Restaurant Indrapura focuses not only on delicious Indonesian dishes, but also supports an orphanage in Bali. That says co-owner Peter ten Cate, he is also chairman of the Foundation Giri Asih.

Logo stichting Giri Asih

The foundation saw the light of day in 2000 to help with orphanage instead Melaya Asih Giri in Bali. The foundation renovated the orphanage in 2005 and supported the house on a wide variety of other ways. “Because the building was not owned by us (the owner is the Indonesian Foundation Sumber Kasih), we could not interfere in the daily routine. Fortunately, we saw that the maintenance of the orphanage not the focus anymore. So we decided, after five years on their own feet to go, “says Peter ten Cate.

New children’s home

The foundation then built a new orphanage: the orphanage Pohsanten. This is located in Desa Pohsanten, valkbij Negara, kabupaten in the region. “We bought land in five years time and enough money together gleaned in order to realize the new house. That worked beautifully. “Good is that the board Batty and Hylke Foundation Giri Asih moved to Indonesia to take the lead.

Ten children now live in the home, but of course we want to extend this number. If the financial situation allows it, then it certainly succeeds. We would like to have a buffer large enough for each child two years of eating and drinking needs. We also want to pay for their school. Approximate “cost a child 1000 per year, per child so we have a reserve of Euro 2000.

Weeshuis Pohsanten

Orphanage Pohsanten