Authentic Recipes ensure popularity Indrapura

by 16 February 2018Indrapura in the press, Indrapura in the press

The style of the serving of the rice table as proof of the colonial heritage of Indonesia – with authentic recipes – is the reason why Indrapura restaurant in Amsterdam is so popular. That writes the renowned Indonesian chef William Wongso cook in Garuda Inflight Magazine, a publication of the Indonesian flag carrier Garuda Indonesia.

Garuda Inflight Magazine

Garuda Inflight Magazine

Wongso writes positiv about the Indrapura rice table with fifteen different types of serving other dishes. Wongso: “Examples include spicy fried potato wedges, chicken in thick curry sauce, according to Indonesian cuisine prepared with caramelized Rendang beef, chicken satay and marinated lamb chops (etc, etc). But the winner of all was the lobster in an exotic coconut sauce. This was the highlight of the dining experience. The cost – 45.00 Euro per person – was worth every penny. Enjoy your Indonesian dining experience. ”

Local flavor

William Wongso writes in his article that it often happens that Indonesian restaurants outside the courts try to adapt to local tastes. “This creates an unclear identity of Indonesian cuisine.” He argues that this fact does not apply to restaurant Indrapura.

The 63-year-old head cook owns three top restaurants in his homeland, where he also regularly on television shows in his own cooking show. William Wongso is also responsible for the composition of the menus on the Garuda flight.

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